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Canucks Stickers are finally done and available for purchase! First, here’s what you get - Stickers are printed on 8.5” x 11” sheets which will be cut into strips as shown above. Each sheet includes:

22 x Canucks
2 x Green men
1 x Derek Jory because… Derek Jory!
1 x Bonus sticker (it rhymes with Pal-o)

That’s a grand total of 26 stickers!


$10 CAD for the first sheet
$6 for every subsequent sheet in a single order
(2 sheets = $16, 3 sheets = $22, etc.)
There are no shipping cost, and I can ship internationally.

Payment method is paypal or mailed cheque. Orders will be shipped once payment is received and cleared.

If you are interested, send a request (how many sheets you want, your paypal email and your mailing address) to my email:

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