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Anonymous: any tips on how I could start to learn animation even though I don't have any software or experience?

You can start with something as simple as a flipbook animation. For example, take a sticky notepad or an old book and draw in the corner of each page. If you want to continue with traditional animation, you can buy a lightdesk and pegbar (which are cheaper than buying most softwares) and work on full sheets of paper. Hope that helps!

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would any of my Finnish followers be willing to do a brief translation of a hockey interview for me?

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my sister is watching me watch sami salo, it’s only mildly embarrassing

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please enjoy this picture of Sami Salo looking like an owl while driving

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please enjoy this picture of Sami Salo looking like an owl while driving

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the sami salo tag is so empty ;-;

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i like how his mom is immediately on his side and about to getaway car them off 

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੯ू•́ू ໒꒱⁼³₌₃

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੯ू•́ू ໒꒱⁼³₌₃

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