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Anonymous: hey so i saw your timeline animation tutorial and i cant help wonder how did you get your timeline animation to look like that? like mine is just the box with the setting in the bottom telling you how fast you want it, thats all and i tried to find out if theres a setting but im not sure if there is one but to be honest idk if its only look like that for mac cuz i have windows;;; (or i just didnt read something if there was a explanation in the tutorial im sorry;;;)

The options should be the same both mac and pc, I imagine (don’t quote me on that though, I’m honestly unsure). In the animation panel’s settings, where you can change document settings and such, there is an option that says "Convert to Frame Animation" or "Convert to Timeline Animation" depending on which is already in use.

Here’s a small screenshot of where it is in the list of setting changes in the animation panel


I think that’s what you’re referring to. I hope this helps!

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this hole was made for me.

tee part one | tee part two

pillow part one | pillow part two

tote part one | tote part two

Are you serious


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Moth pit


Moth pit

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Perseguição Animal [ Video ]


Perseguição Animal [ Video ]

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he has no idea


he has no idea

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Robin Williams death has really, really upset me. Seeing the overwhelming response from those he has moved over the many years is both beautiful and gut wrenching beyond words

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Hercules confirms he and Ariel are cousins (x)

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Lucy Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann are Zim & Zou, a French studio based in Nancy. Giving a dynamic edge to three-dimensional art and installation, the duo prefers using with “real objects”, such as paper, rather than digital rendering on a computer, giving a fresh perspective to intricate works of paper sculptures and installations. 

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